Mobile Phone Bill Jargon Explained

A quick guide to help you find out the definition of some words you’ll see on your phone bill or network operators website.

Pro Rata

The first bill received from a network will be pro-ratad.

This bill will cover from the date that you are first connected to the network up until the end of your first billing period.

In most cases, the first bill will be slightly more than the standard monthly tariff as this will include the days up until your billing date, plus the following months line rental.

If have any queries regarding your bill, you will need to contact your network directly as the Network are responsible for generating your monthly charges.

Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

Unlimited offers and Fair Usage Policies (FUP)

All network providers have a fair usage policy, when unlimited offers are promoted. If a Fair Usage amount is not advertised, this should always be checked prior to your purchase.

Most networks offer at least 500MB (half a Gigabyte GB) allowance on standard contracts, this allowance is usually more on mobile broadband tariffs.

On average, what will 500MB get you?

50,000 emails via web mail

500 emails with attachments via web mail

50 hours of Internet browsingDownload

10 film trailers

*all data quantities based on average usage.

Credit Check

The process of evaluating a customers phone purchase request, to determine the likelihood of whether they can comply with the networks obligations.

Auto Cashback

Auto-Cash back is a single amount of money given with a deal as an added incentive.

PAC (Porting Authorisation Code)

PAC code, or Porting Authorisation Code is a code issued by a network provider which allows you to retain your current number, and transfer it over to another network provider.

SIM Lock

Software on mobile phones that can be enabled so that the phone only works with a specified SIM card.

Buy Out

A Buy-Out is an amount of money needed to pay off an existing contract, which is no longer wanted, or required. A buy-out only needs to be done if you are seeking to cancel a contract before its expiry date.

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